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The team

Find below the people behind this project:

Alberto Varela – CartoLab’s Head Officer

Alberto is the philosopher behind CartoLab, all the work done is heavily inspired by his experience and advice. Civil engineer and Master of Science in Geographical Information Systems, he has spent last 15 years working on projects related to manage, analysis the territory with a stron focus on GIS techniques and tools within University of A Coruña and private area.

He has also a broad vision on Cooperation for Development, being one of the foundator of the headquarters of Enxeñería Sen Fronteiras Galicia in Coruña. Lately, he has been working on introduce GIS concepts, tools and methodologies in that arena. Fonsagua project one of the his most representative efforts in this area together with the coordination of the “Technology for Development International Notebooks” talking about Geographical Information Technologies.

Carmen Molejón – Product Manager

With a degree on civil engineering, Carmen has been specializing on Cooperation for Development from last years, where she thinks has found her wu-wei. As volunteer on the NGO Enxeñería Sen Fronteiras Galicia from 2004, has participated in several projects in Centroamerica and being Head of Projects Area in that NGO during the period 2007-2009. In 2008, she start working on CartoLab where she start using Geographical Information Systems and quickly trying to introduce those systems on cooperation for development projects.

Her rol on Fonsagua project, was serving mainly as a translator between the users and the developers. Gathering requisites from users and discussing with developers was her day-to-day. Together with Fran Puga, she led the way up the hill, taking the project to a major step.

Francisco Puga – Lead Developer

Fran combines an interdisciplinary vision both from technological to social perspective. ICT engineer by formal training, has participated in several NGOs related to technology, development and free software, such as Enxeñería Sen Fronteiras Galicia Galicia, GHANDALF and others, which allow him to develop a profound sense of the relations between technology and society. He keeps a -still no styled- blog about his readings, random thoughts and technical recipes.

Together with Carmen, Fran led the team in the process to build the application. He is responsible to calm down the developers and keep the vision of the users as the goal to pursuit in the development.

Javier Estévez – Developer

During 80′s Javi got in touch with computers thanks to his Spectrum, which open up to him the videogames world. Later in the 90′s, start programming and studied Computer Science Engineering. Already in XXI century, during 00′s decade, he specialized in Free Software and Geographical Information Systems by studying the Master on Free Software and working in CartoLab.

He has participated in the development of several components of Fonsagua project: Hydraulic network calculation and CAD tools, building forms and reports, even practicing a bit his design skills!

Andrés Maneiro - Developer and web craftsman

Andrés Maneiro, aka amaneiro, grew up dreaming with a spectrum. In his way to understand the gray spaces between technology and humankind, found out free software movement, in such a year as 2001. Nowadays, works as a programmer, spending some time collaborating with GHANDALF while reading cyberpunk novels – and other «well-known bestsellers». From time to time he writes some of his thoughts online.

His day-to-day within Fonsagua project, was to program some Java and Python code for the technicians to use the database without realizing of it: the «tarzán» of the Cheetah forms, he has worked on getting ready both the forms system and data-access component. He has also helped to develop this web (hope you enjoy it!).

Pablo Sanxiao – Developer

Pablo Sanxiao works as programmer and is passionate about new technologies. Combines his work as CartoLab’s Chief Developer Officer with the creation of a firm related to GIS and free software. From time to time, he also spents some time collaborating with GNOME project, GHANDALF and ESF. Besides, he loves riding his bike and enjoy the nature.

He has collaborated during early stages of Fonsagua project, making real both the GPS and report generation modules. With the last one he had a special -and sometimes funny- fight. Finally he won.

Nacho Varela – Developer

Nacho Varela, aka nachouve, hybrid musician and computer geek joined CartoLab in 2005 and he was responsible for start using FLOSS philosophy and agile methods. He has also contributed the make the laboratory a friendly environment for the singing and dancing moments.

At early stages of Fonsagua project, he was the lead developer. He has also taught the gvSIG-Fonsagua workshops for the technicians in Honduras.

Francisco Tsao – Developer

Student of Civil Engineering, in 1998 joins to GPUL, a newly created Linux User Group. From then on, he starts promoting free software activities such as hackmeetings and international conferences like GUADEC. His relation with cooperation is also strong, collaborating with Cooperation for Development office, an institution from University of Coruña, in projects related to help children in risk of social exclusion. Also collaborates with Enxeñería Sen Fronteiras Galicia in the process of migration its systems to free software.

As member of development group, he participated in early stages of design and development of the database used for gvSIG Fonsagua, bringing his knowledge of civil engineering to development tasks.

Daniel Díaz – Designer

Dani has specialized in Civil Engineering with a strong application of GIS methodologies and tools. From his experience on CartoLab he has participated in several projects related to infrastructures and territory. He loves playing rugby and he is also responsible for most of the creativity stuff in the Laboratory. He has helped to design the posters to introduce the project in the conferences and also the images used in the web.