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Some FAQ

Find below some Frequently asked questions. If you have some question not collected here, please, get in touch with us!

  1. Is it possible for me to use the application in any situation?
  2. Try this application to replace EPANET?
  3. Can I use gvSIG Fonsagua to gather information with other methodologies?
  4. Do you plan to continue the development?

Is it possible for me to use the application in any situation?

Yes, you can. Please, download it and help us to improve it!

A more detailed explanation: the application is licensed by GPL3, a Free Software license which allow the users to run the program for any purpose, study and change the source code, redistribute copies of the application and of your own modified versions. Besides of that, it’s free of charge.

Does gvSIG Fonsagua try to replace to EPANET?

No, it has different goals. EPANET is a good tool to design a hydrologic networks before executing them. It gives a lot of power to the user, and it has a medium-high learning curve. gvSIG Fonsagua intends to help the user to easily and quickly plan several proposals and see how they work.

Can I use it with other methodologies to gather information?

Yes, you can, but probably you will need to adapt a bit the source code of gvSIG Fonsagua.

Nowadays, the structure of the program and the forms designed only take into account the methodology used by ISF in their projects to collect social (see PDF) and technical (see PDF) information. We are working on give more power to the users and help them to design their own forms in an easy way, including other methodologies such as the used by WaterPointMapping, for example (see roadmap below).

If you want to join us to achieve this goal, you’ll be welcomed!

Do you plan to continue the development?

Yes. Specifically, we have a bunch of things in mind we’d like to work on. For example:

If you have a special interest in one of these features, want to help or only keep in touch with the news, see how you can join us.